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Chausey archipelago

Discover the largest archipelago in Europe. A gorgeous nature and a listed site, just 17km from Granville.

The archipelgo
chausey - Normandie


The beauty of Chausey Islands fall within the Natura 2000 conservation program.

Although only 52 islands are visible at high tide, at low tide the sea discovers 365 islands, revealing its beautiful white sand beaches.

With an area of ​​6.5 km², the archipelago shaltered many homes, but most are occupied only during summer. The rest of the year, a dozen people live there, including fishermen and coastal guides.


High tidesphoto Chausey (village de Blainvillais)

High tides in Chausey are spectacular and will delight lovers of foot fishing.




Several events take place during the year: the Raid Granville-Chausey (June 19 2016) or the Granville-Chausey crossing (reservation at the reception), but most awaited is undoubtedly Les Régates de Chausey. Granville
Organized every years for two days in August, we find the dory races (typical boat of the island rowing or motor), “chausiais” dinghies (small sailing boat marina), but also a regatta for children.

Games that may involve children and adults are held on the plain.

On the island, a snack-bar and a restaurant will be there to greet you.


To get there, the Jolie France company makes up more than ten passages by day, by three launches in summer.
The reception will offer you the privilege to buy tickets directly on the campsite.