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Saint Michael’s Mount

The Saint Michael’s Mount rises within the bay and follows the rhythm of the biggest European tides. It is also known as the “Occidental Wonder”. It is indeed, the most visited touristic place in Normandy with more than 3 000 000 visitors every year and joined the UNESCO world estate in 1979.

Where is it located?

The Saint Michael’s Mount is a rocky island which is located close to the mouth of the Couesnon River. It measures around 960 meters large and 92 meters high. The abbey is the highest part of the Mount which is overlooked by Saint Michael’s archangel.

But where does it take its origins from? Let’s have a look at History…

At the beginning, one could find a rock called “The tomb Mount” which had been replaced by the first oratory dedicated to Saint-Michael’s archangel in 709. This spiritual and intellectual place was, among Rome and Saint Jacques de Compostelle, one of the most important pilgrimages of the medieval Occident.

The Saint Michael’s Mount is well known for its abbey and this last, first used as a prison under the Empire and the Revolution, was put in the hands of the services of historical monuments. A village started to set up around the rock, protected by the fortification which dates back to the 100 years’ War. There are 44 inhabitants today living in the Mount who are called the “Montois”.

The Abbey, the summit of an exceptional site

The Abbey offers an overview of different religious architectures. This abbey is considered as a major historical monument since Napoleon the 3rd and now belongs to the French estate. Visits are free access, or with audio guide, or commented…and opened from May 2nd to 31st of August (9am to 7pm).

Where to park and how to get to the Mount?

On foot, you can walk along the pedestrian’s paths taking the most of the view.

-The shuttle is free access and takes about 12 minutes to get to the Mount.

-The hippo mobile shuttle is also another way to get there with two horses and takes 45 minutes.

-The car park is opened 7/7days and 24/24h

Car (-2 hours) = 6.20€  / Package price 24h = 12.30€

Camper van (- ½ hour) = free / Package price 24h= 20.60€


Try bay crossing to discover the Bay and its secrets (on reservation at the reception) ->