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Covered pool in Normandy for family holidays

Castel campsite, Château de Lez-Eaux, in Normandy, has a tropical indoor swimming pool which is heated. It’s a paradise for children and their parents.


The indoor swimming poolIndoor swimming pool in Normandy Camping CHATEAU LEZ EAUX

You don’t have to bother about weather; you can enjoy our pool to swim as well as counter-current swim and three waterslides.

Each morning between 9 and 10 o’clock, you can have an aqua-tonic wake up in music to start your day in a wonderful way.

There is a paddling pool upstairs for children where there are mister Parrot and mister Monkey waiting for you.

Little swimmer can enjoy a 30cm high pool to swim, jump and splash; so they can discover the pleasure of enjoying water.

Our pools are heated at 29 degrees such as the air of the tropical aquatic centre.

Camping du Chateau Lez-Eaux

The waterslides

The aquatic centre has got two waterslides and one quick-waterslide with two ways.

We’ve got one waterslide which is 72 meters in length and goes outside the aquatic centre to go back in at the end. The other one is 45 meters in length is inside if you are too afraid of the big one!

The quick-waterslide is for whom is willing to have thrilling feelings.


The solarium

Our solarium is ideally for the one who wants to have a sunbath and to keep an eye on your kids.



The aqua-tonic wake up

Each morning at the indoor pool in July and august you can enjoy a lesson of aqua tonic between 9 and 10 o’clock.aquatonic gym at the indoor pool

This is ideal for people who want to take care of their body and health with a good attitude leaded by a dynamic girl!



Whatever the weather, you don’t have to bother about it.

We have thought of how you can enjoy water at Castel campsite Château de Lez-Eaux.

You can either go to the indoor pool or the outdoor one. Both are heated.

There is the sea which is 4 kms away from the campsite.

If you’re willing to go to fish, we have a pond where you can practice. Do not forget to bring your own equipment.


These are the possibilities to enjoy the water at our campsite!


See you soon at Castel Château de Lez-Eaux in Normandy, just next to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

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