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Go on holidays in Normandy and visit Mont Saint Michel

You don’t know which destination to choose for your next holidays? We found one you must see: It’s Mont Saint Michel in Normandy at a stone throw away from Brittany.

Come to discover one of the wonder of the world heritage: the Mont Saint Michel. Surrounded by a unique charm and a friendly atmosphere that make it a not-to-be-missed tourist destination.

Mont Saint Michel attracts millions of visitors every year.

A place to see and to visit in Mont Saint Michel in NormandyMont saint Michel in Normandie close to castels campsite

The abbey

The abbey of Mont Saint Michel is a UNESCO world heritage since 1979. After you had climb hundred of steps, admire the view and  gothic architecture. Nowadays 15 monks and sisters live here.

Museum of Mont Saint Michel

L’archeoscope relates the history and building of Mont Saint Michel. The history museum with old collections (weapons, painting, …), prisons and dungeons.

Maritim and Ecology museums which one explain the tides, the bay and the massive building site to restore the maritime character of the Mont Saint-Michel.  And visit the Tiphaine’s house to discover the 14th century residence that Bertrand Duguesclin had built in 1365 for his wife Tiphaine.

Restaurant la Mère Poulardla mère poulard in Normandy - omelets cooked in fire place - mont saint michel

Restaurant la Mère Poulard is famous for her omelets cooked on the fire place. Nowadays « la Mère Poulard » is: restaurants, biscuits factory and an hotel.


Roam around the remparts to contemplate the wonderful view of the bay, the see and the salt-meadows. Enjoy a beautiful and sunny day to cross the bay of Mont Saint michel walking in the quicksand but only with a guide because it dangerous to go by yourself.


Guided visit of Mont Saint Michel





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