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Mont Saint Michel

HistoryMont Saint Michel

The first church of the Mont Saint-Michel was built in 709 by the bishop of Avranches.
Since this time i has risen one of the famous place of pilgrimage of the catholism religion.
It has grown to be a spiritual hearth where people is looking for the archangel of jugdement.
The secret of eternity awaits in the famous abbey at the top of the Mont Saint-Michel in Normandie.


It is a rocky tidal island where there is the highest tide in europe « 14 meters »
At this stage, it can’t be reached by the road, which is under the sea level.
The last one we have was in 2015, on the 21 of march.
Also know for having a tremondous bay surrounding the rocky island.
The Mont Saint-Michel is one of the famous place to visit in france, for about 2.5 millions of tourist each year.
You can find this gorgeous place in our beautiful department the Manche.

What to doMont Saint Michel

You have the possibility to visit they abbey and face every stairs if you’re willing to find the path of eternity, or to have a look at the architecture of the abbey and its history.
Tickets are free for people under 26 years old, otherwise you can buy those tickets for 10 euros each.
One of the famous activity is to have a walk around the bay of the Mont Saint-Michel.
There are guides who can lead you through the bay, avoinding quicksand and telling you the secrets of the bay.
You have several possibilities, here is some :
« Promenade en baie » : this is for family for about 4 km with a length of 1h30 / 3h00
It sarted from the Mont Saint-Michel to the rock of Tombelaine
« Chemin des grèves » : this one is for people who wants to have a long walk for about 13km with a length of 3h30 / 6h00 depending on your pace
It started from the village of Saint-Léonard to the Mont Saint-Michel.
You will have the opportunity to be guided through many places and be the witness of a wonderful walk.
Will you be one of the million of tourists whose having a stop in one of the famous place to be in France ?!
See you soon in Castels Château de Lez-Eaux, in Normandy, at a stone throw away from Mont Saint Michel.

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