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Pavillon Bleu label

What is it?Logo-Pavillon-Bleu

Pavillon Bleu is an international quality brand created in order to ensure to the tourists the environmental quality of beaches and harbours.

It was created in 1985 by Teragir which is an assiociation for sustainable development and ecology. Nowadays it is delivered in 47 countries all over the world.

How to get it?

To receive this label for a beach means respecting all the requirements which must be applied. Attention should be given to specific elements like facilities and equipments, safety and bathing water quality. Their main goal  is to reduce the devastating human impact of excessive tourism.

Concerning facilities it means equipment for selective sorting (particularly waste bins) but also sanitary block near to the beach. During high season the city has to organize sustainable development awareness activities for the tourists.

Concerning marina and harbours labelling, it is about protection of marine environment. Indeed access to careening areas (without discharge into the marine environment) helps to reduce water pollution.saint-pair-sur-mer-et-coudeville-sur-mer-nouveaux-pavillons-bleus_2

Who has this brand in the surroundings of Lez-Eaux campsite?

Saint Pair sur mer is certified  Pavillon bleu this year in 2017. Granville, Jullouville, Carolle, Coudeville/mer and Saint martin de Bréhal are cities near Saint Pair sur mer which have also this label.


See you soon in Castels Château de Lez-Eaux, in Normandy, at a stone throw away from Mont Saint Michel.

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