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Sorties de Bain Festival

Organized each year by the theater « L’Archipel » in Granville.

The festival of « Sorties de bain » is a street art festival created in 2003 which is becoming a popular one.

The first goal of this festival at first, was the longing of create a cultural event which can managed to draw tourism attention during sortie de bain !vacancies and beach time.

It’s from the 6th to the 9th of July in the city of  Granville.

Originaly, it was only a plain summer event, it has become one of the main street art eventand it joined the associaciation ReNaR (Réseau Normand des Arts de la Rue).

Since 2013, street art performance is not only in the inner town but also on the edge of town.

It means that you can have an easier access to shows.

During four days, we advice you to have a walk in Granville, you will see dance shows, theater shows and so much more.

You can have a look to the planning on the website of the « Festival les sorties de bain »  You can ask at the reception to have the leaflet with the performance’s planning.

See you soon in Castels Château de Lez-Eaux, in Normandy, at a stone throw away from Lez-Eaux campsite.


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