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How to get to know the history of Normandy

8 septembre 2017

One of the most important part of the history of Normandy is the second World War. Nowadays, we have famous […]

Granville in Normandy

8 février 2017

Granville in Normandy, just 9km from Castels campsite Château de Lez-Eaux must be visited if you come and stay in our campsite. The Town […]

Visits to do about Second World War

25 novembre 2015

Normandy was the land of an unforgettable and disastrous war. Now it’s a part of Norman past. Lot of French, […]

Camping Pitches in Normandy

4 novembre 2015

Spend holidays in a Normandy castle’s parc. Located on the southern coast of the English Channel, near Brittany between Mont-Saint-Michel […]

Second world war museum

23 mars 2012

Discover the whole story at the Memorial de Caen Museum: before 1945 and after 1945. From the origins of the […]